The "school" effect

Let's imagine that we are a small fish in the vastness of the ocean, which is part of a school. We form groups with those who are the same or similar and who share our values, beliefs and tastes...

The iron that forged the lady

Darys Estrella earned a bachelor's degree from Vassar College and an MBA from the University of Michigan. She worked at Deltec Asset Management and Goldman Sachs & Co., both in New York. She was the CEO / general manager of the Stock Exchange of the Dominican Republic until 2012, and from that moment on, she became vice-president of INICIA's Business Sustainability until 2017. Throughout her professional life, she has received a large amount of awards.

Success is not a ladder

Success is a state of mind, an attitude towards life, who has ma? S elements of the present than of the future. Success is not defined only by important positions. Success is a living thing, not a thing to live, is it something like this? in our day a to di? to. It is not something that is going to come but something that is coming. If we make the success depend on a future condition to be fulfilled or to arrive, we will live permanently in a state of uncertainty, nonconformity and above all ingratitude in front of each of the things that our present offers us.

Ecotourism in the Caribbean, a major challenge

Thinking about sustainable ecotourism is possible, and this challenge involves concrete actions on two specific issues: Generation of employment and preservation of the environment.

Closing the gender gap is a business case

According to the report of the Global Gender Gap 2015 of the World Economic Forum, women represent half of the population that can work and 68% of the world's consumer demand. Women have enormous potential to stimulate the countries' economies, which are often diminished by the lack of access to job opportunities and to equitable remuneration...

Darys Estrella Mordan: Investing in Her Roots

Her decision to come home was unexpected. Thirty-nine year old up-and-comer Darys Estrella Mordan never anticipated that her next high-flying career move would bring her back to her native Dominican Republic...

Business Sustainability: The triple income statement

The concept of the triple income statement, or in other words, the creation of economic, social and environmental value, is a concept that is almost twenty years old and ...

Let's talk about plastics ... FORBES JULY 2017

Look around you, do you see the plastic?
Invented more than a century ago, it was the first fully synthetic man-made material from petroleum. It is flexible, resistant...

Education as a key element in environmental improvement

World Mother Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and this year we wanted to reinforce the focus on the importance and impact of education to achieve...

The culture of risk also in business

"Strategic decisions must be made and risk maps must be drawn up to reveal their magnitude." These days I have been reflecting on the actions that each of us take when we have to face a risk...

Ingredients for professional success

Darys Estrella: “Las universidades tienen que ser centros de provocación del pensamiento, espacios en donde se articule la diversidad de ideas, de visiones, de formas de ver y vivir la vida”.

Climate change: risk and risk of the Dominican Republic

According to the latest Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is published annually, economic inequality, social polarization and environmental hazards due to climate change are the greatest risks that humanity will face. for the next decade.

Home Economics: Darys Estrella Mordan '92 Shaping Her Country's Financial Future

When Darys Estrella Mordan ’92 left Santo Domingo at age 17 and came to the United States, she planned to return home within a few years and pursue something more than the traditional path expected of most young women in the Dominican Republic—getting a degree, then marrying and supporting a husband’s career. Twenty years later she is finally fulfilling her dream of coming home on her own terms.

World Economic Forum - Davos 2020

The World Economic Forum (WEF), name adopted in 1987, holds important meetings around the world and throughout the year, but the star event is still taking place in Davos.

Leadership in the times of Millennials

Leadership as we know it has changed. There is a growing need to incorporate new values in the way of managing and promoting business activity. We live in a time of great progress but of great challenges and challenges. The way of leading our days requires maintaining a balance between the economic, the environmental and the social.

The Value of Women in Building Sustainable Leadership

According to the Global Gender Gap 2017 report of the World Economic Forum, women represent half of the population that can work and 65% of the world's consumer demand. Women have enormous potential to stimulate the economies of countries, which is often diminished by the lack of access to job opportunities and equitable remuneration.

Dominican Stock Market

What is the stock market? I always make a comparison with the Mella market here in the capital where many buyers and sellers gather to trade products. In the case of the stock market, financial products such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, among others, are traded. All these transactions are made through a technological platform that clearly and concisely establishes the rules of the game.