The iron that forged the lady

Posted on July 09, 2020 | Darys Estrella

Darys Estrella earned a bachelor's degree from Vassar College and an MBA from the University of Michigan. She worked at Deltec Asset Management and Goldman Sachs & Co., both in New York. She was the CEO / general manager of the Stock Exchange of the Dominican Republic until 2012, and from that moment on, she became vice-president of INICIA's Business Sustainability until 2017. Throughout her professional life, she has received a large amount of awards.

"Amans Estrella has written a powerful story of faith, trust, and daring. Her life is full of recognition and achievement, which she uses in this book to inspire others with the humility of great spirits. Whoever reads this story will find inspiration to convert her doubts in certainties and the uncertainty in possibility ".
Tania Baez

"Precariousness shaped her, turning challenges into opportunities, obstacles into motivation. This is a story of bravery. Without shaking her pulse, in a world traditionally for men, Darys Estrella knew how to break through, break schemes and change the rules. life lesson synthesized in the phrase: you can always "
Alicia Ortega Hasbun

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